Best Portable Power Bank in 2015 Reviews

Smartphones are known to have lots of applications that consume power massively. At the same time, these applications are of enormous importance to the users. Since they are your smartest entertainment, navigation, and a camera companion wherever you go and whenever need arises, ensuring that they are always powered is prudent. With a smart power bank, all the charge worries will be forgone cases. Just get one of these best portable power banks in 2015 reviews and be powered the entire time!

10. Aluminum Portable Charger external battery pack backup power bank

At a glance, an aluminum body is lightweight and durable! Moreover, the 3200mAh capacity is amazing! You can power your 5s model of iPhone fully, Samsung Galaxy S5 similarly, as well as full-charges for other smart devices. Its safe technology shields your device from effects of power surge and or short circuits. With its compatibility to 5-voltage smart devices and 3 to 4 hours of AC 0.8 ampere recharge adapter, isn’t it just awesome?

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Best Portable Power Bank

9. Ultra High Capacity Portable Power Bank Charger

Ultra-safe and super-swift in functionality are the basic terms of relevance to this bank! Its deluxe status is visible in the Lithium-Ion cells and in-built micro-chips that confer safe modes while charging. With a whopping 3 USB-slots, three devices can be charged simultaneously at maximum speeds. Its compatibility spans all 5-voltage D.C devices. Make use of tri-mode LED flash-light and the power indicators.

Best Portable Power Bank

8. RAVPower Deluxe External Battery Charger Portable Power Bank Pack

Of course the iSmart high tech is in play here; hence 13000mAh capacity does fine with ultra-modern devices. Be it an Apple or an Android device, iSmart tech design fits them all. With 3 amperes charge speed, charging Samsung Galaxy S5 thrice, iPhone 5s six-times as well as iPad Air once is just a breeze. Make use of the flashlight, multiple safe units, and automated controls to power your way anywhere and everywhere!

Best Portable Power Bank

7. USB External Battery Pack A (Black Limefuel Lite LP200X) Charger

Charging on twin modes is great, right? This 20000mAh capacity external battery pack does just that! Its automated charging system saves your battery from diminishing potency; it displays levels and indicates charge statuses besides shutting off on full charge indication. Make use of the flashlight, compactness and lightness in all suitable circumstances. You will also appreciate the multiple safe units amid charging!

Best Portable Power Bank

6. Pilot 2GS Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank Fast Charging

If you need a swift portable charger, this power bank’s 1000mAh capacity does just fine. Whether yours is an iPhone6+ or a Samsung Galaxy S4, you will get full battery feedbacks! Its twin USB-slots charge two 5-voltage devices concurrently with 2.1 ampere charge speeds. You will love the automated off/on that saves your battery from diminishing potency. Besides, you can easily slide it in your pocket!

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Best Portable Power Bank

5. EasyAcc Brilliant Ultra Slim Dual USB Portable Power Bank

Among the many power banks available, EasyAcc is the ultra-slim and most colorful design! Of course the power-packed 10000mAh brilliant capacity and the twin USB-slots are excellent. In essence, you can have two devices charging concurrently with similar charge delivery. It is lightweight and highly portable besides using the least amount of energy to bestow full charges to your devices’ batteries at faster speeds.

Best Portable Power Bank

4. Jackery Mini Portable External Battery Charger

Check out this portable and compact external battery charger as well! Its 3200mAh power capacity gives your iPhone full charge and tops extra 10-hour talk-time as well. Being ultra-slim and smaller, you can slide it in any of your pockets with incredible convenience. Its four-color LED indications displays levels of charge and its compatibility to numerous smartphone types is a charitable aspect.

Best Portable Power Bank

3. RAVPower Deluxe Portable Charger with iSmart Technology

With an iSmart technology, connecting many device types is made easier. It can power Window, Apple, Android as well as lots of other devices. Its 15000mAh pumps enough power into your device faster, whilst its life is prolonged to give long term services. Its automatic shut off protects your device from short circuit and overload effects. You will love the twin charging ports, flashlight and multi-safety units.

Best Portable Power Bank

2. Anker Astro E3 Ultra Compact Portable Charger

2nd Generation Astor E3’s PowerIQ trademarked technology fills your device’s battery faster. Besides saving you time, it is a nifty and compact design, which works with Android, Apple, tablets, and a host of USB-connect devices. It is durable and portable and requires no recharging lest you want to demean its potency. Upon purchase, you get an 18-month warranty as an assurance of quality and long term service.

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Best Portable Power Bank

1. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank

Just as the name suggests, this external battery power bank is real lipstick compact! You can slide it in the pocket and power your way all times. Its attractiveness, sleekness and niftiness are aspects of class whilst its PowerIQ tech design, faster charge modes, and full recharge on 0.8 ampere adapter are aspects of convenience. In fact, it charges for just 3 to 4 hours! Moreover, you’ve got 1 & ½-year warranty upon purchase.

Best Portable Power Bank

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