Best Original Dry Dog Food in 2015 Reviews

You love your dog and you care about its health, right? Have a look at these best original dry dog foods in 2015 reviews and extend the warmth of your strong love for the puppy. You will find these sampled food choices very healthy and nutritious to make your dog full and sound for a long time. When the dog is happy you are safer as the owner. And when he is not thrilled, you may as well be in danger too!

10. Dog Biscuits by IAMS

Dog’ biscuits are excellent choice for your dog too. It is made wholly of chicken meat and does not contain any artificial additives. This is your dog’s 100% well-balanced health sustenance nutrition. Its crunchiness, acts as a dog’s mouth and dental expert for fresh air and breath. The particle sizes are made to fit both small and medium-built dog breeds. The vitamin and minerals are the dogs every day’s perfect choice.

Best Original Dry Dog Food

9. Adult Advanced Fitness Original Dry Dog Food by Hill’s Science Diet

Apart from easiness in digestion, this formula has been proven as an overall health boost for the dogs’ body organs and fitness of the whole body. You will appreciate the glowing skin, leaned muscles and the perfect skin and coats that its nutrients offer. In fact it boasts of over 50 known nutrients that provide special care in all stages of the dog’s development.

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Best Original Dry Dog Food

8. Mature Adult Active Longevity Original Dry Dog Food by Healthy Science

If you have a mature dog whose health you wouldn’t want to see deteriorate, this is the best stuff for you. Its nutrient balance revives the dog in just a month of usage. Its ingredients breakdown easily and the antioxidants activate hormonal balancing for healthy, active as well as functional joints for enhanced movement. Among the many of its nutrient samples are glucosamine, chondroitin, and the sulfate.

Best Original Dry Dog Food

7. Natural Balance Whole Body Health Dry Dog Formula by Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance

This dog formula balances nutrient supply for best development and rejuvenation. Its naturally balanced nutrient blend fits pups as well as adult dogs. It digests fast, and has antioxidants that enhance brain functionality. The nutrients are coined from chicken/duck meat and are 100% free of gluten. It’s the super-healthy formula for your lovely dog.

Best Original Dry Dog Food

6. Dry Dog Food by Pedigree

Adore the larger kibbles enhance faster chewing and swift swallowing. Take it for your 55-or more –pound dog and have the finest and a hearty companion. The formula has chicken meat flavors that boost the immune system. Besides, it has lots of antioxidants, glucosamine and vitamin E for proper and balanced health. More in the list of nutrients are the veggies and whole meal grains.

Best Original Dry Dog Food

5. Dentastix Dog Treats by Pedigree

Curb tarter accumulation by introducing this diet in the feeding plan of your dog. Since you can’t brush your dog’s teeth, and if you could it must be hectic, this is the best food that takes care of the dog’s dental formula. It cleans up the gums and prevents accumulation of dirty tarter in the gum and between the teeth alignments. Its formula gives 80% result to that effect in pups and middle aged dogs with amazing fresh breath results.

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Best Original Dry Dog Food

4. Dentastix Oral Care Treats for Dogs by Pedigree

If you have a large sized dog breed that you care about and wish to share much, this is the awesome oral and dental care formula as well as food for it. Reduce the buildup of tarter and offer the dog the freshest gums and mouth. Love the x-shaped feature that tarries to penetrate the lines of the gum and offer the best between-teeth treatment as well as aiding in the fitness of your dog.

Best Original Dry Dog Food

3. Beneful Dry Dog Food by Purina

With 23-assorted essential vitamins and minerals and a perfect formula that enhance lean muscles for the dog, what more are you looking for? It’s this perfect! The chicken protein contents will give puppy heightened growth besides sustaining a perfect weight. The smart-calorie formula is a nice weight controller for your dog. The minerals and vitamins are joints’ and overall health boosters.

Best Original Dry Dog Food

2 Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food by Wellness Natural Pet Food

This is a natural wellness diet that has smart nutrient formulation of 100% naturally selected samples of veggies, fruits, chicken, salmon oil extracts and chicken meat. So it is protein-packed for perfect growth of the dog. Its nutrients are rich in calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin for bones’ and joints’ strength. The omega oils are good for skin and coat health. Besides it is free of harmful preservatives, gluten, corn, by-products, grain, food-colors, or flavors and soy.

Best Original Dry Dog Food

1. Dental Treats Large Size by Greenies

Dental treats’ large-sized nutritious pellets are rich in oral care nutrients for freshest mouth and gums for the dog. They are easy to chew and digest, so puppy won’t choke. It comes with a full nutrient formula that packs up vitamins and minerals, essential for the bone, sight and joints development. Besides, its overall formula is rich nutrients that wipe-out tarter and plaques.

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Best Original Dry Dog Food

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