Best Kitchen Knives in 2015 Reviews

A knife is an essential kitchen tool that no house can run without! Ask any housewife or househusband, if you can find or “excavate” one, about the importance of a knife if you’d not walk away as she/he parrots ceaselessly about the classical importance of this house equipment. With all the due respect, ladies and gentlemen, cooking is a noble task that needs the best tools and especially the best knife in the market. For as long as we care about your kitchen, we would suggest you get one of these best kitchen knives in 2015 reviews and upgrade the countenances in the kitchen.

10. Global G-16 – 10inch, 24cm Chef’s Knife

The ultra-high quality vanadium stain-free steel fabrication; balanced mincing and chopping precision are splendid aspects. Besides, its 10-inch blade lengths are awesome! You’ll have its sharpness retained for longer times amid recurrent applications. Meanwhile, it is dishwasher safe and resistant to damages, defects and or breakages. The Global G-16 is a real masterwork for all your kitchen cutting and chopping tasks.

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Best Kitchen Knives

9. Zhen Japanese Steel 8-inch Chef’s Knife and 7-inch Santoku Knife Set

Coined and designed with Japanese standards, the 7-inch Santoku Knife Set is an exceptional product. The set has tough and stain-free knives with gouged ground format; in essence food doesn’t stick on its body! Similarly, the stainless steel crafted handle is durable and bacteria free. Besides, the handle weight is well balanced for perfect grip while in action. Better still, it is highly affordable, smart and easy to clean.

Best Kitchen Knives

8. Tominco Knife Set-4 Piece Cutlery Set With Gift Box

In fact you wouldn’t feel like you’re holding it! It is super-lightweight yet very effective! The Tominco Knife set is a real value pack! The handle balancing, comfort-grip, fatigue-free aspects attached to its use are convenient. They are durable and retain their sharpness for as long as you’d wish! Besides, the blades are stain-resistant, easy to use and clean, germ-resistant and blatantly environmentally safe.

Best Kitchen Knives

7. Global G-48 – 7 inch, 18cm Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

Perfectly designed and engineered to enhance effortless cutting; Global G-48 is a grand kitchen tool. Of course the stainless steel is rust and corrosion free. Besides, the blade retains its razor-sharpness for as long as pleases you! Its handle unit is ergonomically designed to offer firm, steady and fatigue-free grips. You’ll attest to the comfort attached to the 7-inch blade size as you slice, chop and dice effortlessly.

Best Kitchen Knives

6. Kyocera Revolution series 7-inch Professional Chef’s Knife

Designed with Japanese standards, the revolution series’ 7-inch knife is a real professional chef’s tool. Its black blade is oriented to mincing, chopping, as well as dicing. With just one round of grinder-safe sharpening, you’ll use it for as long as you wish. Its ceramic-crafted structure is indestructible besides being rust and corrosion free. In essence, it is safe in oil, salt, juice, and acid. It’s lightweight and fatigue-free!

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Best Kitchen Knives

5. Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set

Feel, touch and experience the durability attached to the ceramics herein design. Indeed this is an élite class chef’s tool that all professional chefs must have. You can employ its blades in slicing, chopping, dicing and mincing if you so wish. Its sharpness tarries long to offer maximum convenience. It withstands oil, acids and moisture besides curbing strains, cramps and general hand-fatigue. Besides, it is ultra-lightweight and super-affordable.

Best Kitchen Knives

4. Moichef 8-Piece Premium Ceramic Knife Set

Having been made of ceramic, this set bears massive merits to all its users. The razor-sharp blades offer amazing precision. In a nutshell, you can have all your fruits and vegetables neatly and deliciously set in a jiffy! You’ll love the set’s corrosion-free and bacteria-repelling design. Moreover, the handle color coding suits customized uses. Otherwise, the lightweight is grand and perfect balancing of the handles is splendid.

Best Kitchen Knives

3. Victorinox 47521 10-inch Chef’s Knife, Black Fibrox Handle

The high-class carbon coated stainless-steel blade; offer massive cutting, slicing, chopping, dicing and mincing. Those are what make this Victorinox’s 47521-model amazing. Of course the blade is stain, rust and corrosion free besides retaining its razor-sharpness for years. If you’ve been in dire need of a heavy-duty kitchen knife, this 10-inch blade is just the best you’ve got. It is an ultra-lightweight design with a sleek black handle finish!

Best Kitchen Knives

2. Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set

From Cuisinart’s advantage, here is a fancy set of 12 versatile knives for your kitchen. They are all designed with stainless steel blades for perfect cutting edges and long lasting usages. You’ll love the color codes that enable you to customize each piece for specific tasks. In essence you’ll curb the cross-contaminating effects of mixed usages. Besides, the matched blade-guards and handle ergonomics are fascinating!

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Best Kitchen Knives

1. Victorinox Fibrox 8-inch Chef’s Knife

Of course an 8-inch blade does fine with all your tasks, right? This is a real chef class kitchen knife! Its blade withstands multi-purpose tasks. In essence, you could as well use it to chop, slice, dice, and or mince. The versatile carbon coated stainless steel offers long term sharp cutting edge while the conical shaped blade offers resistant-free and maximum cutting force. Besides, the ergonomics of the handle is well-textured to offer comfort-grips.

Best Kitchen Knives

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